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5 Top Tips for Packing for your Holiday

It’s that time of year again, everyone seems to be heading off to sunnier climes. After the past couple of years, for many it’s the first time jetting off on a plane in a while.

While we all love it when we are there, the packing process can often add a whole level of stress to the days (over even weeks) leading up to the holiday.

Here are five tips to help ease the stress and make the packing process that little bit more straight forward.

Top Tips to Packing your Suitcase

Take some of the stress away from the pre-holiday to do list with these simple packing tips. Make a note of these must do’s and comment below with you space and time saving tips.

1. Make a list

Before you even get the cases out of the cupboard, make a list of everything you need to take with you.

Walk through each step of your holiday in your head, making a list of everything you need at each stage. Start at the airport; passport, boarding pass, money etc and work you way through a full 24 hours on holiday. Have a quick glance around the house for any other prompts to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Take a serious look at the list and decide whether you really need to take it. Do you need ten dresses/shirts for a weeks holiday? Does the hotel have a hair dryer? Try and cut back on anything you are not likely to use.

Then stick to your list! Don’t be tempted to pack extra in just because there is room. Not only is a lighter case better for the environment but it also leaves room for those souvenirs on the return leg.

2. Split your cases up

We all hope our cases arrive in one piece at the other end, but it doesn’t hurt to plan for worse case scenario and soften the blow if it does happen.

Pull out 1 swimsuit, 1 day outfit & 1 evening outfit, some underwear and PJ’s and pack them into your hand luggage. That way you’ll at least have some basics to keep you going if you need to wait for your bags to arrive.

If you are travelling with family or a partner, don’t be tempted to take a case each. Split up each persons clothes and spread them across each of your cases. That way if one case does go missing, everyone will still have some clothes to enjoy the holiday.

3. Pack a 4-way extension lead

Firstly, plug sockets in hotel rooms are often in the most awkward positions, so this allows you a bit more flexibility to move the phone closer to bed, the hair dryer near the mirror etc.

But my favourite thing about this trick is you only need one travel adapter to charge multiple devices. With all the tech we take away with us these days, it allows you to charge multiple phones, tablets etc all at the same time, while still being able to dry your hair.

4. Lightweight Towels

Packing beach towels are usually one of the most annoying, bulky things to squeeze into your case.

A few years ago we made the best decision to invest in some lightweight Dock & Bay beach towels. They are so thin and lightweight, that they lie neatly on top of the case while taking up virtual no extra space and weight.

Not only that, but they dry you off really well, repel sand from the beach and they dry on the balcony in the evening in next to no time. If you’re on the fence thinking about purchasing these towels, I cannot recommend them enough.

5. Order your suncream online

We all know the thing that takes up all the room and weight in your suitcase are all the lotions and potions we need to take with us.

Place an online order with Boots to collect from the airside store once you have passed through security. It can significantly cut down on your suitcase weight and means they are guaranteed they have what you want in stock.

Just make sure you check the details properly. Ensure it is the airside store after security and in the correct terminal of the airport you are travelling from. Also, make sure you leave enough room in your hand luggage to carry them onto the plane.

Extra tip for entertaining children

If you are taking young children on a long car journey or flight, it can be a real challenge to keep them entertained. Downloading films and games onto a tablet is a great way to fill in the hours.

But a favourite tip I heard recently is to gift wrap any colouring books/toys/activities you have purchased for the journey. You can give these to them every hour or so (or when they are being particularly restless!). They will love the excitement of unwrapping a ‘present’ and it will also focus their attention on one activity rather than being overwhelmed by too many options.

What are your top holiday packing tips? Share your brilliant ideas below.

Whatever your plans are this summer, I hope they are filled with sunshine and relaxation!


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