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20 Ideas to Spoil Your Dad This Father’s Day

Updated: May 27, 2022

There is only a few weeks left to get your Father’s Day gifts - it’s on Sunday 19th June 2022.

Dad’s, Step Dad’s, Grandad’s, Mum’s being Mum & Dad, whoever your superhero is, there is not long left to plan something special to say thank you for everything they do for you.

Here are 20 ideas of special things you can do together whether you have young children, older children, or you are the adult wanting to spoil Dad.

Ideas For All The Family....

1. Family Sports Day

What's more fun than laughing and joking together in the garden/local park. Whether you opt for the traditional egg & spoon and sack race, or choose a family football/cricket match, its a sure fire way to bring lots of smiles to the day that will create memories that will last for a lifetime.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Rather than simply giving him a gift this year, hide it with a series of clues for him to discover the location. Each location can be somewhere around the house where you have created special memories with him. E.g. where you read my favourite book, where you taught me play football etc.

3. Family Day Trip

Does your dad like spending his days outdoors? Plan a day out to his favourite spot; the beach, a walk in the woods, a trip to the lake. Doing his favourite thing, surrounded by his favourite people will make the day extra special.

4. Craft Session

This is a great option for younger children. You can either create a special card or gift ahead of time or if he like to get involved why not plan something into the day that you can all create together. Here’s a great Father’s Day card tutorial from Made By Me Craft Parties.

5. Put on a Show

Is there a budding performer in the family? Create a special song/dance to show him how grateful you are. It doesn’t have to stop there you can create magic tricks, puppet shows, science experiments, tell a joke, the options are endless. This works especially well if you are planning a big family gathering and you can all create an act each.

Ideas For Older Children....

6. Movie Marathon

Does he have a favourite film franchise? Dig out the duvets and snuggle up together watching a movie you will all enjoy together. Make the most of the day together by making your own pizza’s before you tuck up so there’s no reason for anyone to interrupt the viewing!

7. Baking Fun

Everyone knows the way to his heart is through his stomach! Bake him his favourite dessert, or create an afternoon tea with scones and cupcakes. Does he enjoy creating the mess in the kitchen? If so, include him in the process, if not, make something the day before to surprise him on Father’s Day. Just make sure you are the ones doing the washing up at the end!

8. Family Bike Ride

If he enjoys getting outdoors, why not all jump on your bikes and head out for a family adventure together. Make sure you have at least a rough route so you don’t get lost! And make sure you pack a picnic to enjoy when you take a break.

9. Memory Jar

Decorate a mason jar (or even an old jam jar), write down all your special memories of the two of you together onto separate cards and insert them into the jar. On Father’s Day you can spend time opening them and reminiscing about all the wonderful times you’ve shared together.

10. Games Night

Dig out all your favourite games from the cupboard and get all the family around the dining room table. Take turns to choose your favourite games and create some special memories. Order in his favourite takeaway so nobody has to miss out cooking the dinner in the kitchen.

Ideas For Grown Up Children....

11. Discover The Family Tree

Take some time out to research his side of the family tree. If it is something that really interests him, it’s a lovely activity you can share together to create a full picture of your family heritage.

12. Trip to the Museum

Does he enjoy day trips out to a museum, art gallery, castle etc? If so, investigate what’s on and surprise him with a day trip out to visit a new exhibition. Even better, book in time throughout the year to make it a regular day out.

13. BBQ at Yours

The joy of Father’s Day being in June you can (hopefully!) have a BBQ out in the sunshine. If you no longer live at home with your parents, take the pressure off them cooking and bring them over to your place. Live in a 10th floor flat? Buy the food and take it over to cook at their place.

14. Tasting Session

If they enjoy a little tipple from time to time, a great gift can been a tasting experience to discover more about their favourite drink. Whether they are into wine, whiskey, gin etc, there are many different options available all over the country. If you prefer, you can even order an ‘at home’ experience delivered straight to your door.

15. Reduce the “To Do” List

Dad’s are great at building up a never ending to do list but not always so great at ticking things off it. Why not help by putting up a shelf, valet the car, or whatever task he’s been meaning to get round to for the last six months.

Ideas If You Want to Splash Out A Little More...

16. Spa Day

Trips to the spa don’t have to be reserved strictly for the mums! This can be an especially nice option if they have a busy working life or had a lot on recently. Men are notoriously bad at looking after themselves and probably wouldn’t think to treat themselves to such an extravagance.

17. Camping Trip

Whether you are grown children or a parent planning for younger kids, getting the family together to go camping is an adventure you won’t forget in a hurry. If they’re not hardened to the more ’natural’ camping style, glamping is a perfect compromise. Just don’t forget the marshmallows for the fire-pit!

18. Escape Room

This is always a fun trip out if your Dad loves logical problem solving and it can provide family bragging rights for years to come for the one who manages to crack the clues. If you are near a bigger city there are lots of fun alternative options from axe throwing, to indoor cricket or interactive darts.

19. Water Sports

For the adrenaline junkies, why not research where your nearest water sports activity centre is. Many places provide hire for all the equipment and safety gear you would need for a fun filled, high speed day out on the water.

20. Hire a Chef

If Dad is big into his food, why not hire a professional chef to come to his home and treat you all to a 3-course gourmet meal. That way you are not stuck slaving away over a meal in the kitchen. Instead, you can all sit round with a good bottle of wine and enjoy the experience of being waited on for a change.

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What do you have planned for the big day? And who are you spoiling? I love hearing stories about what you are all up to and little traditions you love to do so please let us know below.


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