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3 Cheap Mother's Day Ideas that Show How Much You Care

Mother's Day is fast approaching on Sunday, 27th March.

The last couple of years have been tougher than ever on a lot of mums. The constant juggle between work, childcare, the demands of the pandemic along with the jobs of everyday life, means it’s been a lot to take on at times.

So, it's understandable we might want to spoil our mums at this time of year but it doesn't have to cost the earth! Here are my three tips to relatively cheap, yet meaningful things you can do to make Mother's Day extra special this year.

Handmade Crafts

Nothing touches the heart like homemade.

For the older makers - there are some beautiful craft blanks available in your local craft stores to help you create a beautiful handmade card. If you're a bit more crafty why not personalise a wine glass or cushion? There are loads of tips and tutorials on Youtube to help you on your way.

If you have little ones, get them involved! It doesn’t have to be perfect, and sometime the messier the better. It shows it has been made with love and Mum/Granny/Nana will love it even more.

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Home-cooked Luxury

If you are not a whizz in the kitchen, it doesn't have to be complicated. A simple breakfast in bed with tea and toast will do the trick.

If you're able and willing, why not step things up and make her favourite meal in the comfort of her own home. Whatever you decide to do the effort and thought won't go unnoticed!

The Gift of Time

Write handmade cards/ create special vouchers, offering to complete some of her everyday chores. Take away the everyday slog of chores and give her the gift of extra time, which is priceless for any busy mum! Do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom etc. Why not add in her favourite book/bath salts/coffee shop voucher to really help her make the most of her newly acquired free time.

Our Mother's Day Collection

Want to create something personal for your Mum that she will treasure for years to come?

Check out our cards, prints and other gift ideas that can all be personalised to your requirements.

Do you have any other top tips or traditions that you do on Mother's Day? I'd love to hear how you are planning on spending the special day.

Here's hoping the sun is shining by then 🤞🏻

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