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Who has the coolest family waddle? 


This personalised family print makes the perfect gift for any special occasion. 


Create your own design by adding the names, gender and age of each family member and let us do the rest!


Print size: A4 


How to order:

  • Choose if you would like to add a frame (simple white frame, as displayed in first image)
  • Decide what size penguin you would like for each family member. We suggest the following: 
    • 0-3 years old - small penguin (S)
    • 4-9 years old - medium penguin (M)
    • 10-15 years old - large penguin (L)
    • 16+ years old - adult penguin (A)
  • Add each family member name into the information box in the order you would like them to appear (we suggest having the grown ups on the outside). Make sure you add the gender and penguin size next to each name. (E.g. the first image would be: Daddy male A, violet female L, Maddie female M, Jacob male S, Mummy female A.)


Please ensure you double check all spelling, grammar and penguin size selection as we cannot reprint due to customer error. 


We will create the design using a mixute of the child penguin options in the 3rd picture (variations will depend on number of children in the family). If you wish to select a specific option for each child, please make sure you inform us of this when ordering. 


Please get in touch to discuss any amendments, different print sizes etc.

Personalised Family Penguin Print