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The Ultimate Guide to Pastel Wedding Accents

Pastels seem to be everywhere at the moment. They are the perfect theme for any spring wedding (or hen do...or spring party...) to add light, colour and beauty to your wedding day.

Read on for ideas on how you can easily incorporate the style into your big day with minimum effort but maximum effect.

Ways to easily add pastels to your big day

  1. Flowers - speak to your florist about what pastel flowers are in season at the time of year you plan to get married. Also consider these colours against the bridesmaid dresses you have chosen.

  2. Bridesmaid dresses - if you are going for a multi-pastel theme, having your bridesmaids in the same dress but different colours, if a fabulous was to carry the theme throughout the day.

  3. Signage - simple whites or acrylics work brilliantly with this theme. Speak to your stationer about how they can help. Our acrylic signs are an ideal fit. You can either add pastel flowers or ask us to alter colours to suit you. Contact us on to have a chat about how we can help.

  4. Food - speak to your caterer to see if they can also work with you theme. This can be something as simple as adding edible flower or serving trays in pastel colours.

Areas you may not have considered but can take your decor to the next level.


Replace standard wine glasses with tinted ones for an instant splash of colour.


Replacing white table clothes or napkins can easily and dramatically change the look and feel of the table setting.


Adding colourful charger plates to your place setting, instantly enhances the colour scheme throughout the room.

Want more inspiration on how and where to add more colour into your wedding? Check out our Pastel Accents Wedding Trend Pinterest board.

Top tips when applying this trend

1. Speak to your venue, caterer and florist to see what they can offer – it’s often cheaper than you think to switch out the traditional white and add a splash of colour. 2. Less is more! Consider what your colours with sit against. With you decor, only choose one or two accents to highlight. Keep everything else simple and muted, let them be the star of the show.

What do you think?

Is it something you'd add to your wedding day or like to see more at others? Let us know your thoughts and any other themes/tips you'd like us to cover in the future.


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