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5 Ways to Add Wax Seals into Your Dream Wedding Day

Wax seal stamps have been around since the Middle Ages, but they have made a big resurgence in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. A wax seal can transform simple stationery into an elegant, sophisticated wedding invitation that all your guests will adore.

Keep reading for see my favourite ways to incorporate a wax seal into you wedding day. It doesn’t have to stop at your pre-wedding stationery, this is a wedding style that you can carry throughout your big day to create your perfect, beautiful wedding theme.

How to include wax seals in you wedding stationery

Wax seals add texture and depth to your stationery instantly elevating it to the next level.

We hand-pour each wax seal to create an authentic and unique result with each stamp.

There are two ways we add wax stamps to stationery:

  • The traditional method of sealing an invitation with the stamp, either with an envelope or ribbon wrapped around the card.

  • Adding a seal directly onto the card itself. This creates a beautiful feature and texture on the card and means they don’t need to be damaged when opened.

Here are five of our favourite ways to add seals to your stationery:

1. Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the most obvious place to start. This of course can also include a Save The Date if you choose to send one. Your pre-wedding stationery is the first indication to your guests of the style and theme of your wedding day. Adding a seal shouts sophistication and style (in a very dignified way of course!).

Don’t overdo it.

If you are adding several items into your invitation such as an information card, RSVP etc, don’t add a wax seal to every single piece. This will create a bulky, awkward invitation and will lose the impact you are trying to create. Stick to adding one to the invitation card and/or envelope only.

2. Order of Service

Order of service or order of the day cards provide a practical guide for your guests on the day but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as equally beautiful as your invitations. As mentioned above, you don’t have to ‘open’ a seal to add it to your stationery.

Adding a wax seal to the top of your card/sheet, creates the same beautiful effect you are looking to create with your invitation cards. Incorporating this same theme to your on-the-day stationery creates consistency and familiarity throughout your wedding.

3. Place cards

Place cards are often overlooked during the planning of the wedding stationery, yet not only do they provide a practical assistance on the day, but they can also really play their part in transforming a wedding breakfast table.

Why not combine practicality with beauty. Adding a wax seal with the name of each guest to your place cards creates a stunning piece of stationery that helps to finish the wedding table setting and bring your whole theme together.

Alternatively, you can add a wax seal onto a label for your favours positioned around each table. As with your invitations, choose carefully where to add your seals – less is more.

4. Wedding Party Proposals

Do you know how you are going to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be a part of your big day? Giving them a proposal card is a beautiful way to ask and provides a unique and special keepsake for them to treasure.

Creating these with a wax seal to match the rest of your wedding stationery, means all their wedding keepsakes will beautifully match each other (forever reminding them what great taste you have).

5. Menu cards

You can create menu cards in two ways for your wedding breakfast tables. Either as a booklet style with one or two positioned in the centre of the table, or as a flat lay card placed in the centre of each guests place setting.

Whichever you choose, these are another great way of tying your theme together and achieving the continuity throughout the day. If you are opting for the flat lay style, why not consider adding the guest’s name at the top of each to double up as a place card and avoid the table becoming overcrowded.

How we can help you achieve you dream wax seal stationery

Take a look at our brand new Florence collection feature our beautiful leave design wax seal.

Not the style you are wanting? Book a free, no-obligation bespoke consultation with me to discuss how we can help you design a bespoke stationery set just the way you dreamed it to be.

Still wanting more inspiration? Visit our Wax Seal Stamp Pinterest board for more ideas.

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